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November 16 2017

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What I say: “I’m touch-starved.”

What you think I mean: “I need a hug.”

What I truly mean: “I need someone to platonically lie across me with their full weight, crushing my body and providing deep pressure until my errant soul is reabsorbed into my flesh. Also, a hug would be nice.”

I’ve had to explain this to people who think it’s weird, but when I add, “You know… like cats…” they seem to understand.

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Lieber Herr Lagerfeld, 

Ihre TV-Äußerung, man könne nicht erst Millionen Juden töten und dann Millionen ihrer schlimmsten Feinde nach Deutschland holen, ist rassistische Volksverhetzung. Sie stellen muslimische Flüchtlinge auf die gleiche Stufe wie nationalsozialistische Judenmörder. Und diffamieren sie als Antisemiten. Das ist bösartig und ignorant.

Viele Muslime des Mittleren Ostens haben in der Tat ein Problem mit der Politik Israels. Aber nicht mit Juden; sie machen da einen Riesenunterschied. Viele sind mit Juden befreundet. Sogar im Iran! Wer das nicht weiß, hat von der muslimischen Welt keine Ahnung. Und sollte schweigen. 

Ihr JT

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Wait weren’t they her shitty parents in Matilda?

Yep! It was right after filming it, actually.

What’s even better is that Maras mother LOVED the book Matilda. She loved it so much that she got her daughter the part, however she died before she got to see it. Or so Mara thought. Apparently just a few weeks before she died Danny Devito went in to the hospital with a rough first edit of the movie and got to let her watch it before she passed.

I might be crying.

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the real regions of europe

  • crystal clear tapwater
  • everyone eats dinner at 10pm
  • slav squat
  • brexit

How Europe is classified by the United Nations

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“I think the most amazing fact I learned was that they have a part of the brain that we don’t have—a part that we can’t even identify. This suggests that they sense, understand, and even feel more than we do. It still blows me away to think about it.”—Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Director of Blackfish

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